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Homo Sapiens has come a long way. We have outsmarted predators on the African savannah, outlasted the Neanderthals, invented the selfie-stick. And the Allemansrätten. Truly an interesting species. How do we do it? Well, in order to close in on a great solution we stay open. There you have it. Öppet. Like öppet minds, öppet working process, öppet for business, öppet to ideas, öppet office climate, öppet relations with our clients.
We are Öppet – a Stockholm based conceptual advertising, design and identity agency. We offer creative, consistent and effective communication.

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Concept: Tid att leva.


Hjärt-Lungfonden (Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation) has picked Öppet as lead agency. With the new concept Tid att leva (time to live) and the first campaign we want to make emotional communication, create a sense of both urgency and hope. And show that cardiovascular disease affects everyone – Young, old, women and men. The commercials are shown on national tv, at the cinema and in Social Media.

Brand: Hjärt-Lungfonden
Client: Anna Fredholm

Director: Henrik Lagercrantz
Production Company: Social Club

Concept: Saving the planet. One building at a time.


Folkhem builds multi-storey buildings made entirely of wood, an environmentally friendly and highly re-newable material. These buildings actually decrease CO2-emissions.

For Folkhem’s and KjellanderSjöberg’s award-winning exhibition at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016 we created a namn and a directory. When it comes to climate change, Venice is one of the most threatened citys in the world. It was built on reefs using 10 million trees. So if you could turn the whole city upside down, it would turn into forest – The Forests of Venice. And wood can be used as building material to save Venice from climate change.

Brand: Folkhem
Client: Sandra Frank

Concept: Smaker som växer


Together with Svegro, Sweden’s largest grower of fresh herbs and lettuces, we are building and growing (no pun intended) the brand. With product innovations, package design & visual identity, advertising, in store material, social media. All under the conceptual umbrella: Smaker som växer.

Brand: Svegro
Client: Helena Olin

Photo: Bohman+Sjöstrand
Stylist: Ida Lauga

Concept: Modular Shelving Philosophy


For the Swedish furniture brand String, we created a visually driven concept to manifest the flexibility of the system. And boiled it down to: Modular shelving philosophy.
The main media is ads in international interior design and fashion magazines in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Japan and the UK. The campaign is getting recognition (buzz in newspeak) on blogs around the world and people are posting #shelfies on instagram. That’s nice and all, even nicer is the fact that sales are up with double digits in 2013, 2014 and 2015. And for the award junkies out there: We won Best Design in D&AD in 2015 and were shortlisted in 100wattaren (Swedish Effie Awards).

Brand: String Furniture
Client: Peter Erlandsson

Photo: Marcus Lawett
Stylist: Lotta Agaton

We work together – that’s all we can say


Well, it’s Apple. So the fact that we do projects for them is pretty much all we can tell you. And that we’re happy to work together.


Concept: Rakaste vägen till Asien


Finnair asked us how they could increase preference and brand consideration in order to grow more sales. Our answer: Emotional communication. Mostly with commercials (Tv and online) but also Outdoor. We used Finnish comedian André Wickström and Swedish actor Niklas Engdahl to create some low key, yet funny spots directed by Måns Herngren at FLX. André is the sensible straightforward Finn, and Niklas is the long-winded, nervous, non-confrontational Swede. The way Swedes view Finns and themselves. All ending in a call to action: Do it the Finnish way. Take the most direct route to Asia.
Results were very, very good. All time high in Starcoms tests, increasted activity on social media and most importantly – increased sales both online and offline. And for the little award junkie that lives inside all of us: Shortlisted in 100wattaren (Swedish Effie Awards).

Brand: Finnair
Client: Susanne Nyman

Director: Måns Herngren
Production Company: FLX

Concept: Permanent är inte alltid den bästa lösningen


Parmaco offers something between Permanent buildings and baracks. Modular buildings that almost are like permanent ones, only faster to build and removable. To launch Parmaco in the Swedish Market we created the concept (Permanent isn’t always the best solution.) Here’s the first campaign. It was very successful and landed the client several large contracts. And took home a diploma in the Columbi Egg Awards.

Brand: Parmaco
Clients: Sari Männistö, Ossi

Alastalo, Thomas Jansson
Photo: Alexander Crispin.

Concept: Din skönhet. Vår vetenskap.


Scandinavia’s leading beauty clinic strongly believes that skin care and plastic surgery must be grounded in solid scientific methods. We turned this offer into a concept communicated across all channels from print, outdoor, video, in-store to pod casts: Din skönhet. Vår vetenskap.

Brand: Akademikliniken
Client: Lotta Abrahamsson

Concept: Spread the laughter


This is Skrattsalva. A product we made to raise money for Clowns Without Borders. They visit children in refugee camps and give them a laugh and some hope. Skrattsalva is a play on words, an expression meaning salvo of laughter, but salvo is also ointment or salve. Something to ease the pain. The content is caramel fudge. All the money goes to Clowns without Borders’ work performing for 1, 5 million children in more than 30 countries. You can buy it here.

Brand: Clowner Utan Gränser
Client: Jennifer Vidmo

Photo: Boman & Sjöstrand

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