Project Description

Finnair Commercials

Rakaste vägen till Asien

(The most direct route to Asia)

Finnair asked us how they could increase preference and brand consideration to grow more sales. Our answer: Emotional communication. Mostly with commercials (Tv and online). We used Finnish comedian André Wickström and Swedish actor Niklas Engdahl to create low key, yet funny spots directed by Måns Herngren at FLX. André is the sensible straightforward Finn, and Niklas is the long-winded, nervous, non-confrontational Swede. The way Swedes view Finns and themselves. All ending in a call to action: Do it the Finnish way. Take the most direct route to Asia. Results were very good. All time high in Starcom’s tracking, increasted activity on social media and most importantly – increased sales both online and offline. And for the little award junkie inside all of us: Shortlisted in 100wattaren (Swedish Effie Awards).