String Ads 2018 | Concept by ÖPPET

It’s been a busy spring filled with new projects. Ads, packaging, brand building, strategy and much more, some of the projects you see down below. But now it’s time for some well deserved rest to enjoy the great Swedish Summer (hopefully). Have a nice one and see you in august.

More space in your life, more life in your space. 

If you read Kinfolk, Elle Deco, Arkitektur, Milk Decoration or perhaps turned the pages in flight magazines – you may have seen our latest ads for string. If not, here they are.

Recycle the summer 

This summer you’ll find two bigger and more lush fresh herbs; mint and basil from Svegro in the food stores. If you re-plant them, they continue to grow and last the whole summer. The mint can even reappear the next spring. And if you take seeds from the basil, you can use these to plant next year. The bag itself will also help you with the re-growth. Just put it in the compost.

See more here.

Just one more note on GDPR 

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of the GDPR emails, here is one more. We just want to say that we protect your data and if you don’t want to be a part of this list, just click the unsubscribe button in this mail.



Nominated in the Columbi Egg

Maybe we’ll hatch a Columbi Egg.

Together with our client Parmaco we are nominated in Dagens Samhälles Ad Award Columbi Egg with the campaign ”Parmacoskolan”. A series of lessons aimed to teach educational decision makers on the subject: Dynamic Buildings.

There are many perceptions around rental school buildings, most of them are incorrect. We wanted to change that. So we did like we do at school: Educate people about it. Dividing all the facts in shorter lessons on different subjects like: Durability, Economics, Expansion, Dynamics, Growth and more.

It’s the second time Parmaco & Öppet are nominated and the previous campaign got a diploma. The latest campaign has helped increase brand awareness dramatically and Parmaco doubled their turnover in 2017.

This friday (the 23/3), we will now if we win the Columbi Egg 2017, or proudly walk away with ”only” a diploma.

Check it out here.

Emelie - Maybeday

Emelie, wins Ung Svensk Form

We are happy to announce that Emelie was awarded in Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) for her project Maybeday. It’s not just a well designed kit in every detail. It’s also an important tool for expecting parents. It’s not the usual kit with diapers for the baby, pacifiers and clothes. Instead it’s a safety kit for a situation where there is no other option than to give birth outdoor or in the car. The kit has everything you need to make a safe and secure delivery: blankets, seat covers, gloves – and of course all the Information you need in case of an emergency birth – step by step.

The idea was developed in close cooperation with Gudrun Abascal, certified midwife and an author .

The jurys motivation: “The design object that no one would wish for, but that sheds light on a burning social problem. After all, design is also about highlighting important issues – and this project addresses the human consequences of increased efficiency and job cuts in labour and delivery care. It is impressively informative.”

– I needed to do something, says Emelie Kasholm. I can’t change the way government prioritize healthcare and safe childbirths, but I can at least make them a priority. This is not a solution to the bigger problem. But it could help both in real emergencies and as a security arrangement during pregnancy.

Eleonora Bergendal

Meet Eleonora

Say Hi to Eleonora. She’s started at Öppet last spring, and she has reinforce our design department with her skill and lovely spirit. We are very happy that have Eleonora on the team.

Hi Eleonora, who are you?

– I’m a graphic designer. I have worked in the business for several years and I got my education at Beckman School of Design.

I have a dog who thinks he is a big dog, but trapped in a small dog’s body. His name is Atlas. I am addicted to Yoga. I guess if you should have any addiction all, Yoga is a good choice.

How are you?

Fine, thank you.

What clients/projects/brands/stuff have you worked on – to name a few:

Arlanda Express, Artbreak (JC Decaux),Ittala, ccap (the book “Trådbyggen från utsidan i parallell vändning”)

Favorite food?




ÖPPET News - Ehrmann Christmas Instagram

Bavarian Dairy Giant picked a small Swedish Agency. Insta success.

A year ago Ehrmann, an international family owned dairy with roots in Bavaria, Germany picked ÖPPET as their agency for an interesting project. Launching a new Protein pudding on the Swedish Market.

With fun, joyful postings under the conceptual idea ”The right attitude” and practically no media budget at all, we have grown Ehrmann’s Swedish Instagram following from zero followers to 7 400. No 1 among all 50 countries where Ehrmann operates. Sales volumes are also a success.

Check it out here.

A Christmas gift for all the years to come.

What if you could give someone time as a Christmas gift? Turns out you can. A donation to Hjärt-Lungfonden becomes research. Research that has prolonged life for people with heart and lung diseases with at least 12 years. Here’s the print, outdoor and online campaign urging people to give time for others to live for the Holidays. Message: A Christmas gift for all the years to come.

Effectiveness award – Christmas came early.

In our last newsletter we talked about Svegro and the shortlisting in Sweden’s Effie Awards, 100-wattaren. Turns out Svegro and ÖPPET walked home with an early Christmas gift – 50 watt.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.



ÖPPET Silver Egg

Svegro won a Sliver Egg and are now up for Swedish Effectiveness Awards.

New campaign for Hjärt-Lungfonden.

New faces: Emelie.

In April Svegro and Öppet won a Silver Egg in Guldägget, Sweden’s most prominent creative award show. Now we are shortlisted in 100-wattaren Sweden’s most prestigious effectiveness award. We are nominated in the Strategic Design category. The winners will be revealed on November 14. See more.

New campaign for Hjärt-Lungfonden.

Swedish actress Marie Göranzon is the voice in this new tv, cinema and online video campaign Tid att leva. Watch it here.

New faces: Emelie.

Meet Emelie Kasholm, Öppet’s newest Graphic Designer. She studied Advertising and Graphic Design at Forsbergs in Stockholm. Her Master Thesis was a project called Maybeday – a kit for giving birth in cars on the way to the hospital. Emelie likes Dansband, tap dance and has a miniature poodle.



Golden potato

Can potatoes become gold eggs?

Our customer Svegro is together with us at ÖPPET nominated for Svegro Finpotatis in the category Packaging Design. Tonight it will be decided if potatoes will be diploma, silver or pure gold.

Svegro Finpotaits Amandine
Svegro Finpotaits Ekologisk
Svegro Finpotaits Mandel